This Silicon Valley Company Wants to Give Everyone Access to IPOs

ClearingBid, Inc. is a Silicon Valley-based fintech company that has a goal of providing every investor with the opportunity to buy stock in IPOs. Through its proprietary Securities as a Service™ platform, ClearingBid expects to take market democratization to a whole new level. Having its roots in the capital markets, ClearingBid wants to provide every investor and their brokers with access to IPOs, just like the big institutions.

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We sat down with Matt Venturi, CEO and Founder of ClearingBid, to discuss the challenges encountered by other companies attempting to achieve broad market adoption and to find out what is different about ClearingBid, its approach, and its relevance in today’s environment.

An industry veteran of Wall Street, Matt has always felt that retail investors and the brokers who serve them have never been taken seriously. But now, given the convergence of technology and investor sentiment toward fairness, the market is ripe for disruption and the door is open for ClearingBid’s Equal Opportunity Investing®.

What is ClearingBid’s mission?
Our mission is to open the markets to millions of new investors and financial professionals with fairness and transparency while allowing companies to raise more money at more accurate valuations.

What is the key problem that ClearingBid is trying to solve?
Wall Street doesn’t want to admit there’s a problem, but many believe the system is rigged in favor of the big institutions and the large investment banks who serve them. It’s one reason why we’re seeing an onset of public offering alternatives, including direct listings and the reintroduction of blank-check preferred companies, or SPACs, attempting to create more access for investors.

The lack of access to new securities offerings has been due to an opaque and antiquated underwriting process, including limited pricing transparency. Wall Street wants investors and issuers to believe there’s inherent risk in the underwriting of securities, but deals are rarely priced by the investment banks until they are substantially overcommitted.

I believe the real risks come from the mispricings, limited disclosures, and inability to achieve broad distribution from the outset of a new IPO offering. ClearingBid will address these problems, in combination with our public portal and mobile app, by providing the market with real-time pricing updates and relevant marketing tools accessible to everyone.

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