Lear About Optimize Your Sales Funnel

Even though you’ve created a sales funnel, your work is never done. You should continually look for ways to improve and optimize your sales funnel, and determine where you are losing prospects. Focus on the areas where prospects move from one stage of the sales funnel to the next.

Begin at the top of the funnel. Evaluate how well each piece of content is doing. Are you capturing enough prospects with your initial content? The goal of your content is to get prospects to click the call to action (CTA). If they are not doing that, or one piece of content is getting fewer clicks on the CTA, then rework that element or try something new.

Evaluate your landing page. Your offer and CTA should mirror the content (e.g., blog post, Facebook ad) that brought the prospect to your landing page. Are prospects trusting you with their contact information? Test every part of your landing page (e.g., headline, images, body copy, CTA) to find out what is working and what is not.

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Test every offer in the action stage of your sales funnel. Compare the results of different offers (e.g., free shipping versus discounts). How many purchases are you getting with your email nurturing campaigns and other marketing efforts? If one offer gets much better results than another, focus on using that offer to close prospects and see if you can improve upon it.

Track your customer retention rates. Determine how often customers return to purchase your products or services. Do customers come back more than once, and are they buying other products or services? Keep track of how often they refer others to your company.

Key takeaway: To generate sales funnel leads, create a landing page and use digital content to drive users to your website. Then, capture their contact information to continually market to them throughout their buying journey.

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